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Limited Time GPK Commission Offer


Please read the following conditions before ordering:

I am offering, FOR A LIMITED TIME, 3 commission spots for painted Garbage Pail Kids, on regular blanks 2.5X3.5 bristol cards. $175 each, plus shipping!

PLEASE NOTE: *****This offer is NOT for artist return cards. This offer is for regular, 2.5X3.5 inch blank bristol sketch cards! Again, NOT FOR ARTIST RETURN CARDS *****

* Commissions will be limited to the reproduction, in my style, of established Garbage Pail Kids characters as they appear on the trading cards published by Topps.

* Both, client and I, must agree on subject matter before commission is started.

* Commissions will be worked on in the order they are received. This will take time, given the amount of work put into each card. So no guarantee can be given as to exactly when cards will be shipped. In other words, commissions could take as long as a couple of months.

* Cards will be painted in the "close-up" style, as indicated in sample images.

* Clients will be contacted regarding subject matter, when order is received. Please make sure contact information is up to date.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, before ordering.


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